Dec 13

New Door Promotion at Blueprint Joinery

Blueprint Joinery have teamed up with Leeds Plywood and Doors to bring you an unbeatable price promotion until the end of 2010.

Check out the new range of doors from LPD within our special offers by clicking HERE

For example we have the popular Oak Lincoln Door/ Worcester and the Oak Mexicano/ Suffolk door both at £94.00 including VAT. Both of these doors are available in glazed or unglazed options.

Check out our all of our Special offer LPD Doors where you will find internal and external doors at unbeatable prices.

or contact us on 01691 671020

So get grab a bargain before January when the prices revert to pre promotion and the increase in VAT kicks in.

Buy your X L Joinery Internal Doors and External Doors at Blueprint Joinery Doors

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Oct 18

Stain or Varnish Your X L Joinery Door

Staining or Varnishing Your Exterior or Interior XL Joinery Door

If you are fitting an X L Joinery internal or external door purchased from  it is important that you treat and maintain it correctly in order to ensure you prolong its life keeping it looking as good as new for years.

If you fail to protect your door with the use of a suitable stain or varnish you are effectively leaving it open to the elements and to moisture. Moisture in all its forms, whether it is humidity, rain or condensation, will have a damaging effect on your new XL Joinery door. If left untreated no door is safe from the elements, either hardwood or softwood, internal or external, your door will become damaged beyond repair and unusable.

It is therefore important that prior to fitting your X L Joinery door you ensure that it is fully treated with an appropriate stain or varnish.

Important: All doors must be sealed, stained or varnished before they are hung.

  • Before treating your new wooden door ensure that it is completely smooth and any handling marks or raised and uneven areas of the wood grain are removed with fine sandpaper. Then give it a thorough dusting to remove any remaining dirt or wood particles.
  • Once your door is ready to be treated, refer to the manufacturers’ instructions enclosed with your chosen wood treatment. Apply the treatment to all exposed surfaces of the door in order to ensure it is fully protected from the potentially destructive effects of moisture. Pay particular attention to exposed bare timbers such as letter boxes, hinge cut outs, lock holes and drilled areas. This will stop moisture ingress into the heart of the door stopping the veneer from lifting and bubbling.
  • If you are working on an external door, try to avoid using a dark finish if the door is exposed to direct sunlight, there is a chance that the veneer will crack or the door itself will warp. Or protect it further with a PORCH CANOPY.
  • Check the surface of your door after each coat of the treatment process and use a very fine grit paper to sand between coats to give a deeper more professional finish. Ensure that you check the instructions on the treatment packaging to allow adequate drying time between coats.
  • Once you have finished the application process and have allowed the treatment to dry, your new wooden door should be ready to stand up to the elements! Keep it well maintained, reapplying treatments as necessary, and you will be enjoying your door for years to come.

Check our “How to hang a door” section.

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Oct 11

Fit Your Door with Carlisle Brass Door Hardware

Carlisle Brass Door Hardware

Blueprint Joinery have now extended their offer to include quality door hardware from Carlisle Brass. The massive range of hinges, Door Handles, Lever Latch, Lever Lock, Letter Plates,  Knobs and Knockers available in Brass, Chrome or Satin can be viewed at Blueprint Joinery.

If you place your order for Carlisle Brass Door Hardware at the same time you order your X L Joinery Doors from Blueprint Joinery they will give you a 20% discount, all you need to do is mention you’ve seen this advert when you place your order by phoning 01691 671020

You can view the full range of Carlisle Brass by CLICKING HERE or visit Blueprint Joinery

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Oct 04

How to Hang a Door

Adjusting and Hanging XL Joinery Internal Doors

If you would like to see the full range of Internal X L Joinery Doors at Blueprint Joinery then click HERE or to view the range of Carlisle Brass Door Hardware click HERE

“By how much can I adjust my X L Joinery Internal Door” is probably the most frequent question we get asked at Blueprint Joinery.

Its is recommended that the overall width of the door is adjusted no more than 12 mm, equal amounts of 6mm on each side. This is also recommended for the height of your door. ALWAYS reduce your Internal door by equal amounts from each side and top and bottom. f you have to adjust by more than this then we suggest you choose the next size down. If this is too small then you will need to remove your Door Frame / Lining and “PAD” it out to suite the door you have selected. or buy a new frame to compliment the Door size and Timber Type purchased. You can select a new door frame in Oak, Softwood or Walnut from our range by clicking Blueprint Joinery Frames

If you reduce X L Joinery Internal Doors by more than the recomended 6mm on each side you will comprimise the Solid Timber Door lipping and expose the “core” of the door. This will look unsightly and weaken the door.

If you need advice on how to fit your Internal X L Joinery Door from Blueprint Joinery then this imformative video will help. Alternatively why not pick the phone up and speak to one of  the Team at Blueprint who will try to answer any questions you might have. Telephone 01691 671020 or email

How To Hang Your Door Video

Step 1: You will need
  • Hinges
  • Screws
  • 1 tape measure
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 panel saw
  • 1 plane
  • 1 narrow chisel
  • 1 medium-sized chisel
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 battery drill kit with drill bits
  • sand paper
  • Wedges
  • Safety goggles
  • Supports to rest the door on
  • Doorstop Strips

Step 2: Measure the door opening

Before you buy your new door, use your tape measure to measure the height and width of the door opening. Purchase a door that is either the right size or slightly larger than the door opening.

Step 3: Apply measurements to the door

Remember that you will need to leave a little space between the door, the frame and the floor. The recommended clearance for the top and sides is 2mm (1/16 inch). For the bottom the recommended clearance is 6mm (1/4 inch) but if you have particularly thick carpet you may need to leave a little more. However, be extremely careful not to overestimate the clearance needed.

Step 4: Trim the door

Trim the door by sawing or planing up to your pencil marks.

Handy Hint

When using the plane, avoid chipping out the corners by working inwards from each edge towards the centre.

Step 5: Sand the edges

Once you have finished trimming the door, sand until smooth.

Step 6: Try the door in the frame

Place shallow wedges underneath the door and see how it fits in the frame. You may need someone to help you hold it up. If it does not fit properly, you will need to take it down and trim accordingly.

Step 7: Mark the hinges

Doors tend to open into a house or room. So the hinges will be positioned on the right side of the frame as you walk in.

Place the door on its side with the hinge side upwards. Measure and mark 15 cm or 6 inches from the top and bottom of the door.

This mark represents the bottom of the hinge at the bottom of the door, and the top of the hinge at the top.

Now open a hinge and place it on the door in line with the mark you have just made. Draw around it with a pencil. Repeat this for the other hinge.

Step 8: Cut hinge recesses

Before you pick up your chisel, remember your chisel safety. Make sure that you are wearing safety goggles and clear the area of potential hazards. Find a steady standing position and remember to watch your fingers when you do start chiselling.

Make a series of cuts along your pencil outline. Now chisel out a shallow recess for the hinge. Keep testing the fit – if you chisel out too much, it will be very hard to fix. Stop when the hinge lies flush with the door. Repeat this process for the other hinge.

Step 9: Mark and drill pilot holes

Position each hinge flap in its recess and, using your pencil, mark the screw positions.

Now select a drill bit that is slightly narrower than your screws and attach it to your drill.

Before you begin, remember drill safety. Put on your goggles. Make sure all loose items of clothing, hair and jewellery are tucked away. Clear the area of any potential hazards and find a steady standing position.

Drill some pilot holes. These will guide the screws. When drilling take care to keep the bit horizontal and square to the door edge.

Step 10: Screw on the hinges

Remember drill safety. Use either a screwdriver or your drill to screw in the hinges.

Step 11: Mark the hinge positions on frame

Get somebody to hold the door in position with the hinge flaps open on the frame. Insert two screwdrivers or shallow wooden wedges underneath the door so that the hinges are at the correct height against the frame.

Make sure that the hinge knuckles are parallel with the frame. Then use a pencil to draw around the hinges.

Now carefully remove the door and place it safely to one side.

Step 12: Chisel hinge recesses

Remember your chisel safety.

Carefully chisel out shallow recesses in the frame in the same way you did previously on the door.

Strip away the surplus wood and trim the recess until it is level. Be careful not to chisel out too much.

Step 13: Test the fit

Get somebody to help you hold the door against the frame and place wedges or screwdrivers underneath the door to support it. Check that the hinges fit into the recesses you have just made. If not, trim as necessary

Step 14: Fix hinges to the frame

Use your pencil to mark the position of the screw holes on the frame. Remember your drill safety. Remove the door and drill more pilot holes. Then drill in the screws to secure the hinges to the door.

Only put one screw in each hinge to begin with so you can test the door closes easily in the frame. If you are happy, then screw in the remaining screws.

Step 15: The door stop

A doorstop is a narrow strip of wood built into the frame to stop the door and prevent it from swinging through.

Depending on the thickness of your new door you may have to replace your existing doorstop.

In a new frame, such as this, you will have to fix a doorstop once you have hung the door.

Step 16: Mark and measure the frame

With the door shut mark around the frmae at the point where the door stops needs to be fixed. Then measure across the top of the frame and transfer this measurement to the wood for the doorstop.

Step 17: Cut to size

Remember your saw safety. Put on your goggles. Make sure all loose items of clothing, hair and jewellery are tucked away. Clear the area of any potential hazards. Find a steady standing position and remember to watch your fingers when you do start sawing.

Place the wood across a portable bench or a sturdy surface, and cut the wood according to your measurements.

Step 18: Screw the doorstop to the frame

Remember your drill safety. Place the top of the doorstop in position and drill it in place.

Use at least three screws to secure the doorstop to the frame. When you have successfully fitted the top piece, repeat this process for the two remaining sides of the doorstop.

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Sep 28

Buy X L Joinery Oak Suffolk Internal Doors

X L Joinery Oak Suffolk Internal Doors – From £107.93 inc VAT

Blueprint Joinery offers a comprehensive range of X L Joinery oak internal doors. One of the most popular styles is the Suffolk oak internal doors which is a contemporary style of door that is available in a variety of sizes and has contemporary glazed and traditional glazed options to choose from.

Oak Suffolk Internal Door – From £107.93 inc VAT

The oak suffolk internal door has a modern design with several vertical flutes running from top to bottom. The door is of engineered construction with a softwood / chipboard core with a 0.6mm veneer of american white oak. This internal door is available in several sizes which accommodate the majority of UK doorway sizes. There is also several sizes of FD30 fire rated suffolk doors available in our range.

Our oak suffolk door is supplied unfinished, however we do offer a pre finishing service on all of our X L Joinery internal and external doors.

Oak Suffolk Glazed Internal Doors – From £195.57 inc VAT

To compliment our oak Suffolk internal doors we have a traditional glazed oak suffolk door and a contemporary glazed oak suffolk door, allowing you to create a mix of glazed and non glazed doors through your home whilst maintaining a harmonious look. These internal doors are supplied pre glazed and just require finishing with a varnish, stain or oil on site.

For more infomation visit or call 01691 671020

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Sep 21

Buy White Primed Internal Doors – A Time Saver

Blueprint Joinery Launches White Primed Door Range

To save you time and money Blueprint Joinery has launched a range of 4 Pre Primed Internal Door designs from X L Joinery. Our range of White Primed doors are have a double coating of primer ready for the final finishing coat. Click here to see our range of White Primed Doors from X L Joinery.

The range includes 4 of the most popular contemporary Internal Doors. White Primed Pelermo, White Primed Palermo with Obscure Glass, White Primed Pattern 10 and the White primed Pattern 10 with Obscure Glass.

Prices for this innovative new product range start at £79.01 Excluding VAT

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Sep 21

Internal & External Door Frames and Linings

Buy Door Frames and Door Linings

So that you don’t have to shop around Blueprint Joinery offer the X L Joinery range of External Door Frames and Internal  Door Frames and Door Linings to compliment the range of Doors.

So if you are looking for a one stop shop for Interior and Exterior Wooden doors then Blueprint Joinery is the place to shop.

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Sep 21

Buy X L Joinery External Doors From Blueprint Joinery

Buy External Doors

To compliment the range of Internal Doors Blueprint Joinery offer a vast selection of External Doors, Stable Doors, Patio Doors and French Doors available in 3 different timbers. Oak Doors, Pine Doors and Hardwood Doors

You can browse the full range of X L Joinery’s External Door range which includes Pine External Doors, Hardwood External Doors, Oak External Doors, Pine  Framed Ledged and Braced External Doors/ Gates, High Performance External Doors, Pre-Hung External Door Sets, Sliding and Folding Patio Doors and Double La Porte French Doors on the Blueprint Joinery website.

You can make life even easier by choosing our pre-finishing options and Pre-Hung Exterior Door Set options. Simply choose the door you like and select the door set option to suit with the pre-finishing of your choice. Choose from Chrome or Brass Door Furniture and Stained or painted finishing.

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Sep 21

Buy X L Joinery Internal Doors From Blueprint Joinery

Buy Internal Doors

Blueprint Joinery offers Internal doors in many different styles and finishes, our range of doors include Walnut Doors, Oak Doors, White Primed Doors, Flush Veneered Doors, Hardwood Doors, Clear and Knotty Pine Doors, White Moulded Doors, Freefold Doors, Oak and Hardwood Door Pairs and the Pine Pairs with Easi-Frame systems.

Our comprehensive range of Internal Oak Doors offers both traditional styles such as the Victorian 4 Panel or the Oak Suffolk through to our modern looking contemporary Shaker and Monza doors.

Most of the Interior Doors have matching glazed door options, Fire Door options, and odd size door options.

Click HERE to browse our comprehensive range of Internal Doors from X L Joinery at Blueprint Joinery.

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